Saville Magic, A unique magic show for children
Ian Saville's Magic Show for Children aged four to ten 
(and their grown-up friends)



Meet Reginald, the bravest piece of rope in show business. Thrill to the exploits of Rupert, the extraordinary teddy-rabbit escapologist. Join in with the collective creation of a fully working magic spell. Discover the perils of rising-finger illness. In other words, enter the wonderful world of Saville Magic.


...With his child-like imagination and intuitive rapport with the audience, Saville's magic really captures the children, - low key, apparently simple tricks which they can't quite get to the bottom of, and wonderful joining in.
The Scotsman

If you've never seen Ian in action with an audience you've missed a real treat. He never fails to entertain with a show that suits all ages, and keeps you guessing at all times.
Michael Rosen, Writer, performer, broadcaster.

"Ian has a unique talent for entertaining. His humour keeps young and old captivated. Couple this with an expertise in magic that confounds the senses, and you have a performer who is unforgettable"
Mike Dalton,
Director, Pop-up theatre for children.

"Ian Saville
provides kids with a gentle traville
Through the lands and hands of a magician"

John Hegley

Saville Magic has been performed at theatres, arts centres, festivals and playgroups throughout Britain.

Ian Saville, 
8 Aylesbury Street, 
Mobile: 07949 164793
Tel: 020 8621 0157


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